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Major areas of Research work done by Msc and PhD students.

FN department - Assessment of nutritional status, value addition and nutrient compostion of local arid foods, bacteriological examination of water, milk and other foods, clinical studies on non contagious disease. (NCD)

HDFS Department - Assessment of knowledge and development of educational programmes on mother-craft, early childhood care and education studies related to the aspects of marriage and family relations, parent education, related to different stages of life span of Human development, gender discrimination studies, Impact studies etc.

EECM Department - Development and field testing of different visual and audio visual aids. development of training packages in thrust areas for vulnerable groups. impact studies for different development programmes.

  • List of Researches FN Department (1998-2016).pdf 1.13 MB
  • List of Researches HDFS Department (2002-2015).pdf 34.8 KB
  • List of Researches EECM Department (2002-2016).pdf 153 KB