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Our Mission

To provide an opportunity to Home Science graduates to acquire knowledge as well as skills and empower them for effective role performance and management of resources at micro and macro levels to meet the challenges of economical and technological advancements.

Our Objectives

  • To develop an appreciation in a holistic manner for rural life, it's problems and ways for improvement.
  • To develop and apply basic concepts of Home science to every day living.
  • To promote problem solving abilities through constructive thinking.
  • To develop communication skills and better human relations.
  • To enhance enterpreneurial skills for professional careers.
  • To develop the scientific approach and stimulate a desire for conducting scientific research and its transfer to family living.
  • To carry out research based on problem and needs of farm families for their upliftment through community outreach programmes.
  • To sensitize, keeping in tune with national priorities and policies, to enable active participation in national developments.