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Last Modified: July 15, 2017

Department of Food & Nutrition (FN)

  • Initiation of M.Sc. and Ph.D. programmes in 1996 and 2006
  • Total 73 M.Sc. and 7 Ph.D. students secured their degrees in Food & Nutrition
  • About 90% of the passed out students are in jobs.

Teaching Faculty

Photo Dr. (Mrs) Vimla Dunkwal
HOD & Professor


  • Food Lab
  • Nutrition Lab
  • Food Microbiology & Quality Evaluation Lab
  • Catering Lab
  • Institutional Lab

Job Oppurunities

Majority of the students after completing graduation do higher studies and some take up the jobs as Dietician in Health Club, Hospitals, Food and Beverage departments of Hotels, etc. After completing M.Sc./Ph.D., students can serve at various institutes like:

  • Own catering
  • Employment in catering institution
  • Superviser/Manager in F & B or Dietetic Dept.
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